Whole House Audio/Video Systems

Imagine the convenience and enjoyment of listening to your music throughout your home...playing seamlessly whether in your kitchen, living room, bedroom or on the patio! Now imagine pausing a movie in one room...to pick right up where you left off in another! These are just a few of the possibilities with a Whole House A/V System.  For the ultimate experience in Video...this type of system distributes sources such as, Satellite/Cable TV, Blu Ray/DVD Player, as well as other Streaming Video Sources throughout your home...from a centralized location. For your listening pleasure...this system distributes sources such as Radio, CD's, ITunes, Pandora, Spotify,  as well as many other Streaming Audio Sources throughout your home...also from a centralized location. Schedule your free, in-home System design for the ultimate experience in Whole House entertainment!

Also... ask about how these systems can be App controlled from any smart device!