Trouble Shooting Tips

Simple Trouble Shooting for most Interlogix (GE) Systems...

1.  How do I reset the time & date on my keypad?

     For most Interlogix (GE) Systems:   

  • Press *[9][6]. Enter the master code. Enter the day of week (ex. 1 Sunday, 2 Monday, etc.). Enter the month code (must always be 2 digits, ex. 01 January, 02 February, etc.) Enter the day code, must always be 2 digits (ex. the 5th is 05). Enter the last 2 digits of the year code, (ex. 2015 is 15). To set the system clock, press *[9][7]. Enetr the master code. Enter the "hour code" which must be 2 digits (the clock is a 24 hour clock, so 9am is 09 and 9pm is 21). Enter the "minutes code" which must be 2 digits, (ex. 7 minutes after would be entered [0][7].

3. Why is my keypad beeping periodically and/or service light on?

     For most Interlogix (GE) Systems:

  • To trouble shoot: Press *2 on the keypad. The alarm memory feature will flash zone/s that created alarms and will light steady the zone/s that were bypassed during the last alarm.
  • If Zone 6 lights up - Telephone Fault - Press the [6] key. The zone light(s) illuminated corresponds to the system fault(s) below:                                                                                                                                           6 - Telephone line cut/line trouble (The service light will remain on until the telephone                         trouble clears and a user code is entered.)                                                                                                     7 - Auxillary Comm Device Fail - Radio backup has failed.                  
  • If Zone 7 lights up - Failure Communicate - This light illuminates when there is a failure to communicate between your system and central station.
  • If Zone 8 lights up - Loss of System Time - This light illuminates when there has been a loss of power and your system clock needs to be reset. (Instructions in the manual at the bottom of this page)
  • Note that the power light is on if the primary power is on. The power light will flash if the system has a low battery condition.

2. How do I change my master code?

     For most Interlogix (GE) Systems:

  • Press *5, enter your master code/user code. The ready light will flash. Enter the new four or six digit master/user code. The ready light will flash again. If the code is rejected, the sounder will beep three times. Press the [#] key to exit the programming mode.

4. How do I bypass a zone?

     For most Interlogix (GE) Systems:

  • Press the [BYPASS] key, The bypass light will flash. Enter the digits indicating the zone you wish to bypass. (ex. Press the [1] key for zone 1, press [1],[2] for zone 12.) Press the [BYPASS] key again. The corresponding zone light will illuminate indicaticating that zone is bypassed. Repeat these steps for any additional zones you wish to bypass. Press the [BYPASS] key again OR the [#] key to exit the bypass mode. NOTE: All zones will automatically be unbypassed each time the system is disarmed.

5. Why does my keypad show "not ready"?

     For most Interlogix (GE) Systems:

  • Your system is not ready to be armed. There are many common reasons for this, such as, a door or window not being completely closed, a motion detector sensing movement, or a previous alarm that has not been cleared out of the memory.

6. Why are my smoke detectors beeping?

     For most Interlogix (GE) Systems:

  • If the smoke detectors are beeping, but there is no trouble light on your keypad, the smoke detectors are most likely not part of your security system. These smoke detectors would not have been installed by your security company, but by the builder. In this case, please contact your builder or an electrician. If the trouble light is lit on your keypad, Press *2, if Zone 5 is lit, then the smoke dectector had an alarm. The cause of the alarm should be carefully checked. To reset the smoke detectors, Press * and the trouble light should turn off.

7. How can I make my keypad chime when the door opens?

     For most Interlogix (GE) Systems:

  • The door chime is turned on or off by pressing the [chime] key while the system is in the disarmed state. If the chime is on the chime light will be illuminated. If the chime is off the chime light will be off. 

If you are unable to determine the cause of the smoke alarm, please call (214)522-5828 or (800)655-5828 for service

8. Emergency Shutdown Procedure:

     If you are unable to disarm or silence your alarm, you must shut off all of the power         to your system.

  • First, disconnect the electrical power to the system by unplugging the transformer from the electrical outlet. This may require a small flat tip screwdriver.
  • Next, disconnect one of the leads to the battery. The battery is inside the alarm control panel enclosure. (probably located in a closet) This may require a key to unlock the enclosure or a screwdriver to free the enclosure door.

Click Here for Online Interlogix (GE) Manual for Advanced System Trouble Shooting

For all other service lights, please refer to the manual at the bottom of this page or call for service. (214)522-5828 or (800)655-5828.